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Drury Teas & Tea Bags

The Company founders, the Olmi brothers, started out in the tea business almost 80
years ago. We have been sourcing, blending and packing tea ever since.

Today, Drury’s collection of leaf teas and tea bags is extensive, with teas from every corner of the tea-growing world. Our portfolio has well over 120 different loose leaf teas to choose from – all selected with great care by our experienced tasters. Be it speciality teas such as English Breakfast and Earl Grey or perhaps more exotic hand tied green teas or white teas from China and Japan, herbal tisanes or fruit infusions,
you will find a tea here to suit your palate and your pocket.

Our most recent innovation is the introduction of Drury pyramid tea bags. The shape, size and type of tea bag material we use enables us to pack a broader range of quality, larger leaf teas, which for technical reasons we are unable to pack in paper. It makes the pyramid range very special indeed in quality terms and has proved very popular with our customers, so much so that we have extended the range to 27 varieties of black,
green and white teas, tisanes and fruit teas.

We offer an attractive selection of gift packed teas and tea caddies. Many of our more popular varieties of tea are available in tea bag form,
in a wide range of packs and sizes, from one cup to four pint!

Drury Loose Leaf Tea

Drury Loose Leaf Teas

There is still something about leaf tea that evokes a bygone age. Long since overtaken by the ubiquitous tea bag, the ritual of making tea with fresh leaves brewed in a teapot and served with hot water, milk and a tea strainer is somehow quintessentially British. Ritual apart, there are certain teas – usually top quality leaves – that can never be ‘bagged’.
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Drury teabags

Drury Tea Bags

Drury’s expertise in tea buying and blending is evident in the breadth of its tea bag selection. Our buyers and blenders exercise their considerable skills in choosing the type and size of leaf for each individual variety, ensuring that every tea bag produces a consistent strength and colour
in the cup.
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Pyramid teabags

Drury Pyramid Tea Bags

The Drury range of pyramid tea bags is one that we are immensely proud of. For technical reasons, the shape, size and type of tea bag material we use has given us the opportunity to select from a broader range of quality, larger leaf teas than we can pack into traditional tea bag paper. This new material, which is fully biodegradable, gives our tasters the opportunity to test their blending skills using some original teas that you will not find in our
other tea bag ranges.
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