Drury Loose Leaf Teas

There is still something about loose leaf tea that evokes a bygone age. Long since overtaken by the ubiquitous teabag, the ritual of making tea with fresh tea leaves brewed in a teapot and served with hot water, milk and a tea strainer is somehow quintessentially British. Ritual apart, there are certain teas – usually top quality leaves – that can never be ‘bagged’. Drury has these in its portfolio and plenty more choice besides. In fact, we currently have over 120 loose leaf teas on our price list and stored in our London factory. Some of these are seasonally available and some are so rare we perhaps only have them for a short period and in small quantities. There is plenty of choice, too, in popular teas, any one of which would be suitable as a ‘House’ blend.

The full tea selection includes black, green and white teas, semi-fermented teas, tisanes and fruit infusions. All our loose leaf teas are carefully selected, and where appropriate, blended by our own London based in-house team of tea experts, whose considerable skill produces balanced blends to deliver flavour, strength and colour.

Our Loose Leaf Teas

  • English Breakfast Blend
  • Superior London Blend
  • Traditional English Blend
  • Select Blend
  • Russian Caravan, Leaf Blend
  • Fine Evening Blend, F.O.P.
  • Afternoon Blend, B.O.P.
  • Imperial Afternoon Blend
  • Earl Grey Superior with Natural Oil of Bergamot
  • Earl Grey Green with Natural Oil of Bergamot
  • Special Leaf Earl Grey with Natural Oil of Bergamot
  • Earl Grey Imperial
  • China Black Congou
  • Mao Feng, Keemun
  • China Keemun
  • Yunnan F.O.P.
  • Lapsang Souchong
  • China Rose Congouv
  • China Green
  • Chun Mee
  • Young Hyson
  • Special Gunpowder
  • Pinhead Gunpowder
  • China Sencha
  • Jasmine Huang Shan Ya
  • Jasmine with Flower
  • Pai Mu Tan
  • Pu Erh Yunnan
  • Ceylon OP
  • Dickoya, BOP
  • Kandy, BOP
  • Nuwara Eliya, BOP
  • Uva, BOP
  • Ceylon FOP, Silver Kandy
  • Assam, Fine Leaf Fannings
  • Assam, Tippy Golden BOP
  • Darjeeling, Tippy Golden BOP
  • Darjeeling, Tippy Golden FOP
  • Nilgiri, FP
  • Darjeeling & Assam BOP Blend
  • New Seasons Assam TGFOP
  • SenCha, Green
  • GenMai Cha, Green with Rice Kernels
  • BanCha, Green
  • Kokei Cha
  • BanCha Houghi Cha, Roasted Green
  • Orange Blossom Oolong (Scented)
  • Oolong Standard
  • Formosan Pouchong Tea
  • Kenyan Fannings
  • Kenyan, B.O.P.
  • Decaffeinated Breakfast Blend
  • Decaffeinated Earl Grey

All these teas are available to buy on our web shop. For wholesale or export, please contact us for more details.

We also stock a wide range of single estate darjeeling teas which are not listed here.