Windmill Street Coffee is a new venture from one of London’s oldest roasters. Ever since we were established in Soho’s Great Windmill Street in 1936, Drury Tea & Coffee has been at the heart of the London coffee scene.

Our new creation, Windmill Street Coffee, is inspired by those Soho roots, but represents the best of today’s speciality coffee culture.
Our aim is to seamlessly blend the high-quality coffee ideals of the speciality world with the very best of traditional service.


Windmill Street Coffee - Rancilio SteamCore to our offering is our Windmill Street House Blend. Seasonal, fresh and always very tasty, we source our coffees ethically and update it every six months. We pick speciality coffees that are at their peak and roast in small batches to ensure our flagship blend is as good as we can make it.

Our Q grader’s current selection is a 80/20 mix of Brazilian and Rwandan.

Tasting notes: Butterscotch sweetness with notes of blood orange and a dark chocolate aftertaste.A balanced blend of honey and washed processed coffees from Honduras and Colombia, this espresso is sweet and complex with notes of orange, honey and cinnamon, and a distinct chocolatey after taste.


Great coffee is a given in the speciality industry, but the best coffee in the world is of no use to anyone if your equipment isn’t working or the coffee’s not delivered on time. This is the key area we identified where our expertise can make a difference.
We are experts in customer service; we don’t do “out of stock” and we make deliveries when we say we’re going to.

We’re proud of our training team too. With a permanent staff of three full time barista trainers we can deliver the training your staff need, when they need it.

Lastly, our technical resources are amongst the very best in the business. We have had an in-house engineering department since 1990, and the depth of knowledge accrued by us since then has proved invaluable. Whether it’s sourcing cutting-edge coffee machines or getting help with that technical fix, our equipment division is there to help.


The core of the Windmill Street Coffee team is formed from the ranks of senior management and coffee specialists within Drury Tea & Coffee. Heading up the team are Christelle Sinclair, Drury’s Head of Training and Coffee Quality and Bill Davy, Sales Director. They are supported by our management team, who have between them over 120 years of experience in the coffee industry.

For roasting expertise, we turned to Tom Haigh, a Q grader and head roaster for Tate. His wealth of experience is evident in the sheer quality of our coffees.