Looking to buy tea and coffee for your office?

Offices and the Workplace

When it comes to refreshment in the workplace, staff have a new benchmark. With tea and coffee being of such a high standard these days on the High Street, long gone are the days when cheap teabags and instant coffee are acceptable.

Your employees will be looking for espresso, cappuccino, filter coffee and tea of the same quality they can buy perhaps not 50 yards from your front door. There is improved productivity to be had from happy staff, who are content to remain on the premises for their refreshment breaks. No matter how you serve your coffee and tea, these days it has to be the best you can achieve and delivered to a consistently high standard.

There are three main aspects to consider: ingredient quality, equipment and staff training.

Ingredient Quality

With over 80 years’ experience in tea blending and coffee roasting, you can rest assured that we know our stuff. We can talk you through the best mix of products from our extensive range of coffees. That includes quick brewing blends for vending, pre-ground coffees for cafetiere service and a choice of coffees for use in filter machines. We will help you choose black, green and white teas along with herbal infusions and tisanes to formulate an eclectic and balanced tea menu. Leaf tea served in teapots may be needed at director level and for important visitors, whilst for staff on restricted breaks you might well need one cup teabags – or choose from 30 different varieties in our pyramid teabag range.


Equipment There is a good chance that in an office environment, staff will be expected to serve themselves with hot drinks. That may mean either from a:

  • Vending Beans to Cup
  • Pour and serve
  • Bulk Brew
  • Cafetière
  • If you have allocated space for a staff pantry, a push-button bean-to-cup machine may be a good option for your office coffee service. Where staff are expected to help themselves, the traditional route of a pour over filter coffee machine still makes great coffee, provided it is not left to stew. So we would usually recommend a vacuum flask version. Cafetières are a good bet for the boardroom as it implies that care has gone into service.
Drury can supply the correct quality of coffee in wholebean or pre-ground form. If you are lucky enough to have a staff restaurant or coffee shop manned by permanent staff, then you can install a traditional espresso machine and, naturally, Drury will be able to help source this or any other type of equipment. Also, let’s not forget sundries and accessories. From cups & saucers to sugar sticks and a vast array of point-of-sale material we can help put the finishing touches to your staff service.

Barista Training

Barista training is crucial if you have a purpose-built staff restaurant. Where staff help themselves to drinks, they will naturally need to be familiar with the workings of the machine or at least know how to prepare a cafetière of coffee. Although simple to use, staff still need to be taught how to use a filter machine. At Drury, we regard training as essential for these reasons:

  • Less waste – lower costs
  • Consistent high quality – happy staff
  • Happy staff – better job satisfaction
  • The term ‘barista’ is associated with espresso, but our trainers excel in all tea and coffee service methods. At Drury we don’t just pay lip service to training. It’s at the very heart of our proposition.

We employ a team of experienced barista trainers, whose only job is to ensure that your staff are knowledgeable and able to deliver top quality teas and coffees on a consistent basis. This is a totally free service to customers actively purchasing Drury coffee. We can visit your premises or arrange training at our purpose-built barista training facility in our central London showroom.

By choosing Drury Tea and Coffee as your supplier you are getting our considerable experience in:

  • Helping you choose from a top quality range of tea and coffee
  • Advice on equipment selection
  • Comprehensive technical service
  • Free staff training
  • Access to all the sundry supplies you’ll need
For free impartial advice without obligation, call 020 7740 1100 or click here to email us with your details. We’ll be pleased to drop by and talk through your individual needs.