Drury Wholesale Teas & Tea Bags

The Company founders, the Olmi brothers, started out in the tea business almost 80 years ago. We have been sourcing, blending and packing tea ever since.


Based in London and originally founded by three Italian brothers in 1936, The Drury Tea & Coffee Company is a family-run wholesale tea blender and coffee roaster supplying foodservice and retail markets both nationally and internationally. Today, over 80 years on, Drury is still family owned and run by the third generation of the Olmi family. It continues to flourish respecting the traditional values of quality and customer care, laid down by the founders. Specialising in the provision of wholesale tea and coffee, the Company supplies restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and offices – in fact anywhere that wants to serve good quality tea!


The Drury name is synonymous with tea. In fact, the very first products Drury ever produced were loose leaf wholesale tea blends, mixed by hand with wooden shovels on the zinc-lined floor of the original premises in London’s Great Windmill Street. Today’s teas may be different, and the means of production certainly are, but they share the same attributes of those blends from many years ago, namely the finest quality teas from the world’s best estates, picked at the peak of their quality and then processed with infinite care. Our master tea tasters select only the best to craft the most exquisite blends for both home and business consumers.

In 2015, the Company relocated its factory and headquarters to modern new premises on the prestigious Royal Arsenal development beside the River Thames in Woolwich. This gave the Company an expanded dedicated wholesale tea production facility over three floors with batch blending capabilities from 5kg to 500kg. Heading up the tea department is Albert Opoku-Frimpong, who has 23 years’ experience in the tea trade. Drury complies with all current manufacturing regulations and has achieved the NSF Due Diligence standard.

Today the Company packs a wide range of wholesale tea products including 35 different varieties of pyramid teabags, over 120 leaf teas and infusions and traditional tea bags in sizes from 1 cup to 4 pint. Additionally, Drury is flexible enough to create small runs of bespoke blends for clients. Drury scents its own teas and probably the best example of this is its range of Earl Greys, the Company has six different variants of this famous blend alone!

To coincide with the move to Woolwich, Drury invested in a second Fuso packing line, producing what has rapidly become the Company’s best-selling tea product – pyramid teabags. Together, these two pyramid teabag packing lines have a joint capacity of over 10 million bags a year.


Pyramid teabags have revolutionised teabag thinking. So much so that they are now the biggest selling tea line in the Drury portfolio. It is the combination of the quality of large leaf tea and the convenience of tea bags that makes them so popular, opening up the flavour of real tea to a whole new audience. The extra brew space afforded by the pyramid shape means that the blender can use higher quality, larger leaf teas for better quality and a more satisfying taste. Rather than the traditional tea bag paper, Drury pyramid tea bags are packed in biodegradable cornstarch gauze. This fine mesh allows the true flavour of the tea or infusion to shine through as the brewed liquor can freely pass through the material.

Drury wholesale pyramid teabags are supplied in a variety of different packs: 1000s, 100s and 15s for foodservice; enveloped for conferencing and hotel bedroom service; cartons; caddies and a great selection of gift packs for retail sale. The latest presentation comes in the form of a selection tray, where enveloped pyramids can be displayed along with coffee bags, hot chocolate and sugar sachets. This presentation is useful for self-service hot drinks in hotel lounges or conference suites and is particularly convenient for hotel bedrooms.



The full loose wholesale tea selection includes black, green, oolong and white teas, herbal tisanes, fruit infusions and flavoured teas. They are available in a variety of pack sizes, from bulk packs to a new range of stunning retail cartons. These, with their distinctive Drury branding, reflect the tradition of the British “cuppa”, but with a very modern twist. The range is split along geographical origin lines, showcasing the amazing range of flavours available from the humble Camelia Sinensis plant.



Despite the runaway success of the Drury pyramid teabag range, there is still a place for traditional teabags. A selection of seven wholesale tea blends and infusions covers the most popular flavours Drury produces, with breakfast style bags available in sizes from one cup to four pints.

Drury Loose Leaf Tea

Drury Loose Leaf Teas

There is still something about leaf tea that evokes a bygone age. Long since overtaken by the ubiquitous tea bag, the ritual of making tea with fresh leaves brewed in a teapot and served with hot water, milk and a tea strainer is somehow quintessentially British. Ritual apart, there are certain teas – usually top quality leaves – that can never be ‘bagged’.
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Drury teabags

Drury Tea Bags

Drury’s expertise in tea buying and blending is evident in the breadth of its tea bag selection. Our buyers and blenders exercise their considerable skills in choosing the type and size of leaf for each individual variety, ensuring that every tea bag produces a consistent strength and colour in the cup.
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Pyramid teabags

Drury Pyramid Tea Bags

The Drury range of pyramid tea bags is one that we are immensely proud of. For technical reasons, the shape, size and type of tea bag material we use has given us the opportunity to select from a broader range of quality, larger leaf teas than we can pack into traditional tea bag paper. This new material, which is fully biodegradable, gives our tasters the opportunity to test their blending skills using some original teas that you will not find in our
other tea bag ranges.
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