Drury Tea & Coffee – Export

The Drury Brand

Britain is famous for its tea, and the British drink over 60 billion cups a year between them. However, we don’t think it’s fair for us keep it all for ourselves and so we’re on the lookout for companies all over the world to promote and sell Drury tea in their countries. We think that the Drury brand, with its long history and reputation for quality, is well placed to take advantage of the worldwide growth of interest in fine speciality tea.

The Drury Tea and Coffee Company has a rich British heritage that has its roots firmly in London. From our earliest days in Covent Garden (a location which gave us our iconic name) to our present day location in the historic Royal Arsenal development next to the River Thames, we remain fundamentally a London-based tea blender and coffee roaster. Our brand identity and packaging strive to reflect this, and whilst the individual ranges have a diverse feel, at their heart there is the core Britishness of the Drury brand.

Our Tea Range

The two main segments of our tea range are our pyramid tea bags and leaf teas. Our pyramid selection has an art deco design identity that echoes the glamour and sophistication of the 1930s, when Drury was established, and is perhaps the most dynamic sector of the Drury portfolio of products, with sales figures to match.

Our leaf tea collection has a more modern feel to it, but still reflects the heritage of the traditional British “cuppa”. Our decision to split this range along geographical lines, naming the famous growing countries that give us this wonderful drink, further reinforces the strong legacy of the global British tea trade.

Our Coffee Range

Perhaps less typically British than a cup of tea, but just as important in our eyes, is our range of freshly roasted coffees. Primarily aimed at foodservice markets, we roast and pack a vast range of espresso, filter, single origin and single estate coffees. In London and throughout the UK we supply the finest restaurants, coffee shops and hotels, and we feel that our coffees can be just as successful worldwide.


We are actively looking for importers in most territories around the world, in both retail and foodservice markets. If you think your company and Drury could work together in your country, then we would love to hear from you. Please contact either Marco Olmi or Bill Davy on +44 20 7740 1100 or export@drurycoffee.com


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