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Drury Blend 33 Drinking Chocolate


Drury Blend 33 Hot Chocolate

Drury has been supplying quality hot chocolate from various brands in the past as an add on to the coffee and tea we blend and roast. We are now stocking a Drury branded hot chocolate which be believe to be as high quality as our teas and coffees.


Why Blend 33 ?

This new hot chocolate derives its name from the high percentage of cocoa solids in the blend – 33%.

Once confined to the depths of winter, these days hot chocolate is very much a year-round drink. It is made in the traditional way by adding hot milk and the result is a rich, satisfying alternative to tea or coffee. Add a cinnamon stick for flavour or a marshmallow garnish as a real treat.



Ingredients in descending order of occurrence
Sugar, cocoa powder (32%), flavouring


Try a sample…

  • What’s the difference ?
  • Hot Chocolate is just hot chocolate right ?
  • They are all the same.


We do don’t think so. We believe our Blend 33 has a wonderful flavour and luxurious texture.

Don’t take our word for it though, why not ask us for a sample to test on your own customers. ( Uk Only )


Blend 33 Technical Details


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