Looking to buy tea and coffee for your establishment?

Coffee Shops/Cafes/Mobiles/Takeaway

For some establishments, coffee and tea are peripheral to the main event. Not so with coffee shops and takeaways. Here, it is the very cornerstone of your existence. To be successful, you have simply got to get the coffee right. Moreover, it has to be better than your neighbours. No pressure, then. But don’t worry, at Drury have the experience to help you corner the market in your locality as the place to meet for tea and coffee or drinks on the go.

There are three main aspects to consider: ingredient quality, equipment and staff training.

Ingredient Quality

With over 80 years’ experience in tea blending and coffee roasting, you can rest assured that we know our stuff, having already been at the forefront of two espresso revolutions. We can talk you through the best mix of products from our extensive range of coffees and help you put together an interesting and lucrative tea menu.


If you are serious about your coffee you’ll probably need a traditional espresso machine. That’s where our equipment expertise comes in handy. We supply Italian-built Rancilio espresso machines and Ceado espresso grinders – both widely acknowledged as leaders in their field. We will review your business and help you select the correct equipment for your needs and your pocket. For example, if we find that takeaway forms an important part of your business, we may recommend a ‘Tall’ machine. We also distribute Egro bean-to-cup machines, suitable for locations where staff turnover is a problem. Espresso apart, we will help you with other types of coffee service, perhaps small batch or bulk filter coffee. Not forgetting all the sundries and accessories you can think of – from tampers to sugar sticks – and a vast array of point-of-sale material to you help promote your service.

Barista Training

Above all else, staff training is crucial. You will not succeed if you do not pay attention to this aspect of your business. At Drury, we regard barista training as essential for these reasons:

  • Consistent high quality – increased sales
  • Less waste –more profit
  • Happy customers – become regulars
  • Happy staff – better job satisfaction

We employ a team of experienced barista trainers, whose only job is to ensure that your staff are knowledgeable and able to deliver top quality teas and coffees on a consistent basis. This is a totally free service to customers actively purchasing Drury coffee. We can visit your premises or arrange training at our purpose-built barista training facility in our central London showroom.

By choosing Drury Tea and Coffee as your supplier you are getting our considerable experience in:

  • Helping you choose from a top quality range of tea and coffee
  • Advice on equipment selection
  • Comprehensive technical service
  • Free barista training
  • Access to all the sundry supplies you’ll need
  • Promotional items to help maximise your tea and coffee sales
For free impartial advice without obligation, call 020 7740 1100 or click here to email us with your details. We’ll be pleased to drop by and talk through your individual needs.